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Well, I never imagined a day would come when WW decided to drop the No Count plan for new members.  Ever since the news trickled out on social media a few weeks ago, I’ve thought of little else.  At first, I just couldn’t believe it but eventually I started thinking about a way forward with ideas continuously racing around my head.  However, when I finally thought I’d made a decision about what to do, I’d change my mind a few days later.  I was thinking: Do I want to continue with No Count? Could I change to Flex? Could I leave WW? Could I join a different weight loss company?

I’ve lived and breathed No Count for the past two years and, as many of you know, I’ve finally cracked yo-yo dieting after decades of it!  Do I really want a change at this stage?

I did consider trying WW Flex, while still choosing the same NC foods I’ve been enjoying, and have tentatively tried pointing a few days over the past couple of weeks.  It’s a great plan, but it’s just not for me.  Since following No Count, there are so many foods that I don’t eat now and I know I would be tempted to fit them in with a daily points allowance.  It’s hard to go into great depth at explaining the success of No Count but cutting out many processed foods has certainly helped.

So this is the dilemma I’m faced with (and I’m sure many of you are too): I have a lot of loyalty and support for WW.  My life has changed so much for the better since I joined them – I’ve never felt so good, enjoyed such great food on a weekly basis or been as active and enjoyed new challenges as I have in the last two years.  I’ve made many lovely friends and have thoroughly enjoyed helping many of you out with No Count through the website, Connect, Instagram and Facebook.

But…I still want to follow No Count – the plan that’s not just helped me to lose weight but has enabled me to maintain that weight loss too – and it’s not going to be easy without the support of the app.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting Zoe and Greg at WW HQ with Lisa Coleman and her friend Vicky.  It was good to hear first-hand about what’s going to happen with No Count and to be reassured that some support will still be there.  Here are the key points from that meeting:

  • Weight Watchers, as a global company working in 11 different countries, has decided to just have one plan to follow in all their countries, and here that will be Flex.
  • WW are aware that many people follow NC and have had great success doing so.  They would like to continue to support those current members who decide to continue following NC.
  • WW coaches have undergone training recently and should be giving NC support to those who would like it.  Similarly, the online chat facility should still be offering NC help to those who ask for it.
  • Unfortunately, the app will be set for Flex only with the NC option stopping on 6th September 2018 for those who are currently following NC.  If you are not currently following NC, I don’t think you have that option on the app any more.
  • No second plan is going to be introduced to replace No Count.

I think I’ve known all along that I’ll carry on following No Count and, for the time-being, I’ll still be a WW member.  Even though I’m gutted about WW decision, we need to be able to deal with change and put a positive spin on it.  If you want to continue following No Count, you can still use the app to track your weeklies and this website will be here (you can now find the No Count list on the No Count Explained page).  I also suggest following Lisa’s ‘No Count Friends’ group on Facebook: this is a closed group and a fantastic NC support network.

I know there are many of you out there who’ve probably been through exactly the same thought processes and really wish NC were here to stay.  I hope you can continue to enjoy NC and help to keep the NC ‘flame’ alive.

Wishing you all the best and a massive thank you for all the support and messages I’ve received this week,

I’ll still continue to love No Count and I hope you can too:-)

Helen xxxxxxxx

(PS: Thank you for all the comments on this post yesterday. Due to the way this website works, I've had to move yesterday's post with the comments and it can now be found under the No Count Explained section.)

Welcome to the website:

Hi, I'm Helen and I'd like to welcome you to my website.  I'm a Weight Watchers Gold Member and am currently maintaining with an online-only membership.

I've been following the Weight Watchers No Count plan since August 2016: originally swapping to it to lose my final half stone but deciding to stay with it as it worked when all else failed.  You can read my full story under 'No Count Explained' - 'Why No Count?'.

Over the past year and a half, I’ve created and adapted recipes for No Count which I’d like to share with you on this website.  About a year ago, I began to include the points values for the recipes so that those of you following WW Flex could also try them.  There's a vegan/vegetarian section with recipes very kindly supplied by Marie, and I also share recipes received from Mands (including some fab dessert ones) - both of whom are friends I've made via WW Connect and are fellow WW Gold Members.

There are lots of No Count tips in the 'No Count Explained' section, as well as information about where to buy some of the ingredients I use and a section which might help if you are maintaining.  Each weekend, I upload my 'Weekly No Count Menu Plans' in the 'Weekly Plans' section which I hope will help with any planning if you decide to give No Count a go.

If you'd like to try No Count, you can swap exclusively to it, or you can alternate No Count days with WW Flex ones.  Just make sure that you log in on the Weight Watchers main website, go to 'Settings' and change from NC to Flex, and vice versa, there - it's best done first thing in the morning so that the app will still keep track of your weeklies:-)

I'm happy to answer any questions you may have - just leave a comment on one of the pages - and you can also follow me on Instagram @helen_wwgoldmember and Connect @hhay50

I hope you enjoy what the website has to offer and I wish you every success on your WW journey.  Good luck!

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      1. Hi Helen! First day yesterday not too bad, however I think the bread issue is still the downside as 2 skinny toasts are so many points and I’m not a fish person so that goes out the window!

        How would you recommend tracking on the app but staying on no count?

        Also I’ve started the 10,000 steps daily challenge ‘the old way’ with a manual step counter.

        However it keeps mentioning Fitbit, is that the only thing it recognises for steps? Can you not put it in manually?

        (Sounds silly but how does it work if Ur not holding your phone all day? 😦)

        1. Hi Fatema, glad your first day was good and I hope today has been too:-) If you would like to do NC using the app, you’d have to add one food to the value of your daily points each day and then just use the app to track your weeklies. Well done on trying the 10,000 step challenge too – any exercise will really help with your weight loss. You can use the WW app to input how long you have been walking for if you don’t have a Fitbit. When you open the WW App, click on ‘Activity’ at the top to put your walking in and it will calculate the Fitpoints for you. I hope this helps:-) Helen xxxx

  1. Hi Helen thank you so much for all your input! iv been thinking bout starting WW for a while. getting sooo confused with all the similar/different plans!!!

    i did WW over 12 years ago where i got to goal and over, however 12 years and 3 kids down the line although not huge but need to lose a bit. mayb a stone.

    I originally did full count which worked for me as i was single at the time, but now with feeding a family No Count seems better and then……. i hear its going out!!!!

    i still want to stick to it to start as it sounds less stressful, however if it doesnt work il have to try th Flex plan.

    Whats really confusing me is Yes i know about the 200 no count list, but how do you calculate all the other things? e.g sugar/honey/jam/sweetened soy milk….

    i originally had the manual convertor that they gave in the meeting but have misplaced it.

    i would be very grateful if you could advice.

    im really rating your site 🙂 x

    Fatema (p.s sorry for the essay)

    1. Hi Fatema, it’s lovely to hear from you and I’m glad you like the site – thank you for your lovely comments:-) If you want to give No Count a go, you will need the WW app in order to find out the points value of the other items. This is part of the WW package when you join. If you’re on Facebook, you can also join the No Count Friends group: it’s a very large group of No Counters who all offer advice and support. I hope you enjoy NC and it works for you: if not, you’ve got that second option of Flex:-) Good luck! Helen xxxxx

        1. Ok I’m trying out the flex since my subscription has started and they won’t let me use no count. So far so good, but the bread, potatoes, baked beans n rice is the worst!!😣

          I know with no count you could have jacket potato with baked beans and that would be no points!! 😬

          1. Hi Fatema, you’re probably best starting with WW Flex as that is supported by the app. 👍🏻💕 If you want to give No Count a go later, you’d have to use the information on this website alongside the app to give you the value of foods not on the No Count list. Hope you have a good first week 🤗💝💕 Helen xxxxxxx

  2. Dear Helen

    I can’t seem to “open” your weekly plans … they are so small that I can’t read them. Is it something that I am doing wrong?

    1. Hi Gillian, the weekly plans don’t open, I’m sorry. If you’re looking at them on a phone, you can take a screenshot and then expand that. I also put them on my story on Instagram, and then in my highlights: let me know if you’re on Connect and I’ll put them on their too:-) Helen xxxxx

  3. Thank you so much for all this information. I joined WW 9 months ago and have lost 3 stones following flex and i can honestly say ive enjoyed it for the most part. However, althogh I am delighted with my loss so far i have at least another 30 lb to go but for the last 4 or 5 weeks I have been pretty stuck and despite all the helpful advice I have received and followed my weightloss has pretty much ground to a halt. Perhaps even more worryingly I’m beginning to feel a bit bored with the whole thing ….which is always dangerous for me and usually precedes me giving it all up . I was thinking of trying no count as I have heard from other members who plateau that it helps them kick start both their losses and motivation …but just as I made the decision to start it ….the flippin thing disappeared!!! Having found your site and read your info ….I’m definitely going to give it a whirl and feel excited and more motivated already . So thanks again!

    1. Hi! I can totally relate to your weight loss story: you’ve done so well with Flex but sometimes you just need a change and with NC you can have that change. I really hope it kick starts your weight loss again and you enjoy some fab food on NC. Good luck! Helen xxxxx

  4. Hi there, love your blog, I will be coming back frequently now WW has left me.
    I have only done WW for 6 months in 2016 and three months this year. In that time with No Count I have lost 1.5 stones. It is the only thing that works for me.
    I have just tried flex for a week and gained 1lb. First increase (apart form birthday week) in three months.
    My brain wasn’t Happy with flex v no count I wanted to know why. Before I have never had consistency to get the answer.

    This time I took all this week food and logged it on myfitnesspal then logged what I would of eaten doing no count.
    The difference for me was the nutrient breakdown.
    On Flex 1/3 carbs, 1/3 protein, 1/3 fats. Good and bad
    No count 50% carbs. 20% fats 30% protein
    The calorie difference was only 50 kcal approx a day, which is nothing really.

    My conclusion for me is that my body obviously responds to carbs and good ones at that. I need the brown stuff and it works for me.

    So what I am trialing is 15 points logged in the morning for my no count stuff, leaves me 8 points a day for the other stuff. Reason for the higher points is to lose 1.5 stone I would have 1-2 days off a week, I am trying to get rid of days off and be more balanced all week round. I am at healthy BMI and I am training for a half marathon so I exercise as well. I would like to lose another 1/2 stone slowly. I will stick with the app because for me it is the whole package that works.

    I thought I would share some of my personal findings as what i now know makes sense to me as to why no counts works and flex doesn’t

    Good luck to all on your journeys and Happy No Counting.

    1. Hi, thanks so much for sharing this information. I’m sure it will help other people who visit the site. 👍🏻💕. Good luck with losing the half stone and with running the half marathon 🙌 I really hope what you’ve planned works out. 👌🏻💕 Helen xxxxx

  5. I love the idea if no count and it is great that you have put it out here to read. It takes away the obsessing over points which can lead to failure. In my case any way. Please keep up the good work. Can i ask are your weekly diary posts to maintain or to lose weight. I need to get an idea of portion control and snacking and to still lose? Kind regards – Jan

    1. Hi Jan, thank you and welcome to the world of No Count:-) It certainly helps not having to think about points all the time. You should be able to lose weight by following my weekly diary posts but make sure that your Saturday is No Count too. If you’re not losing weight, try reducing any breakfast oats you have to 30g per portion and having a couple more carb-free meals. Wishing you the best of luck, Helen xxxxx

  6. So pleased you are continuing with your website. I have cancelled my WW membership as I don’t see the point is paying for something I can no longer use fully. Thanks for all your hard work xx

    1. Thank you Angela:-) Good luck with going it on your own:-) WW will still be there if you find you need a bit more support in the future. Meanwhile, I wish you the best of luck and hope you continue to enjoy No Count:-) Helen xxxxx

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