Hi, I'm Helen and I'd like to welcome you to my website.  I'm a Weight Watchers Gold Member and am currently maintaining with an online-only membership.

I've been following the Weight Watchers No Count plan since August 2016: originally swapping to it to lose my final half stone but deciding to stay with it as it worked when all else failed.  You can read my full story under 'No Count Explained' - 'Why No Count?'.

Over the past year and a half, I’ve created and adapted recipes for No Count which I’d like to share with you on this website.  About a year ago, I began to include the points values for the recipes so that those of you following WW Flex could also try them.  There's a vegan/vegetarian section with recipes very kindly supplied by Marie, and I also share recipes received from Mands (including some fab dessert ones) - both of whom are friends I've made via WW Connect and are fellow WW Gold Members.

There are lots of No Count tips in the 'No Count Explained' section, as well as information about where to buy some of the ingredients I use and a section which might help if you are maintaining.  Each weekend, I upload my 'Weekly No Count Menu Plans' in the 'Weekly Plans' section which I hope will help with any planning if you decide to give No Count a go.

If you'd like to try No Count, you can swap exclusively to it, or you can alternate No Count days with WW Flex ones.  Just make sure that you log in on the Weight Watchers main website, go to 'Settings' and change from NC to Flex, and vice versa, there - it's best done first thing in the morning so that the app will still keep track of your weeklies:-)

I'm happy to answer any questions you may have - just leave a comment on one of the pages - and you can also follow me on Instagram @loving_ww_no_count

I hope you enjoy what the website has to offer and I wish you every success on your WW journey.  Good luck!

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    1. Thank you:-) I really hope this helps gives you some motivation. Here’s to a great week ahead – good luck! Helen xxxx

  1. Hi Helen , I’m only three weeks into WW online only but am doing the flex I’ve lost 4lbs in two weeks 😀so and steady wins the race as they say ha ,I only want to lose a stone,
    Was told about this blog and I’m glad I looked great support and lovely recipes, can I subscribe to you or just keep looking on here for ideas and advice
    Regards. Linda x

    1. Hi Linda, that’s a great start to your WW journey – well done! 👍🏻💕 You’re very welcome to subscribe, it’s open to anyone, but I haven’t been creating many new recipes recently. I’ve been enjoying all the ones I’ve made so far instead 😋😋💕 I hope you enjoy some of the recipes and I hope you have a very successful WW journey. 🤗💕 Helen xxxx

  2. Hi, I lost 42lb on F & H then changing to No Count for the last stone. I tried SW but only lost 1/2st and lost the will to carry on and have steadily gained a stone. Now I have got to get back on track. My mindset isn’t where it should be. I’m a size 16 but will creep up to 18 if I’m not careful so need to take myself In hand. I have a wedding to go to In September and already bought my lovely dress, It would look better if I lost a few pounds so here I go again. Just need a bit of incentive to start. I’ve drawn up my tracker 🤨 I don’t want to go to meetings anymore so I am hoping your blog will kickstart me. So glad I found you x

    1. Hi Sue and welcome to the site 🤗💕 I really hope it can give you that motivation to reach the weight you’d like to be for the wedding in September. The best advice I can give you is to plan your meals for the week ahead and make sure you have a NC alternative ready just in case you’re feeling peckish or have a sweet tooth (like me). I’ve just made a batch of the banana, oat and blueberry biscuits: they’re great for taking with you if you’re out for a coffee 👍🏻😋💕 Wishing you the best of luck: you can so do this! 💪💪💪💝💕 Helen xxxxxx

    1. Hi Gillian, I know: it’s such a shame. They’re going to remove it as an option on the app at the beginning of September but will continue to support any current members who wish to continue with NC in meetings and via the online chat. For some people, myself included, this is the only way of eating that works – the weight has gone and it’s staying off. At the moment, I’m just going to wait and see what happens: I’ll do a blog post in September which will go out to all subscribers too. In the meantime, I hope you continue to enjoy NC 👍🏻💝💕🤗 Helen xxxxx

      1. It would be so much more helpful if they told us if NC was just being suspended or completely abandoned. Because I’m so new to NC and don’t often get to meetings I rely heavily on the online information. I have been at WW about five years now but I am sorely tempted now to abandon ship and move to SW! (Sorry for using bad language on here.)

        1. Hi Gillian, I’ve spoken to someone on the online chat facility and they said that there wouldn’t be a No Count option any more, from the start of September, as Flex was so successful, they want to just offer that to new members. Online only is definitely a great option if you’re too busy to attend a group or if it’s not at a convenient time but you do get more information by attending a group. I’ve known quite a few people try SW over the past year but the majority do tend to come back to WW. I’m just going to wait and see what happens in the next few weeks before deciding what to do about it all. I still can’t quite believe it! Best wishes 💝💕 Helen xxxxx

          1. Thanks Helen … I will try and buy a No Count cookbook on line and battle on with that until September and wait for your post. I think they are making a big mistake because some people enjoy more freedom. I will try to gather whatever NC information I can between now and when it’s discontinued. I do feel very loyal to WW but I can’t face going back to pointing everything. Take care gill xx

          2. Morning Gill, that sounds like a good plan. 👍🏻 I’m the same at the thought of going back to pointing. Make sure you print off a copy of the No Count food list if you can, or screenshot it on your phone. Hope you can enjoy the rest of your week, 💝💕 Helen xxxxxx

  3. Hi been doing ww since may finding very easy to keep on track is it ok that I follow you just to get some different ideas as I see you put how many flex points they are as well.

    1. Hi Paula, it’s good to hear that you’re enjoying your WW journey. You’re more than welcome to use the website: it’s open to everyone whether following No Count or Flex. I hope you enjoy any of the recipes you try 👍🏻💕 Enjoy the rest of your week 🤗🤗 Helen xxxxxx

  4. Just found this website and it looks great! I’ve been on WW for just over a year and lost 2.5 st. Lost my way recently and found that if i have a day off-plan i struggle to get back into the space! need a big kick up the pants to get back onto it – any tips or suggestions on regaining motivation? (i have never done NC, and wondering if that might be the change i need? A bit nervous about portion control on NC)

    1. Hi and thank you Mylo:-) Well done on your weight loss so far – it’s great! I’ve recently regained motivation by using a new weekly planner – I always plan for the week ahead but made sure I included some meals I knew I was really going to enjoy and that helped me stick to it. When it’s really hard, it’s about starting each day afresh, trying to make healthy choices and hoping you have the willpower to do that. If you can get through one day, the next becomes easier and so on: there’s a real sense of achievement if you manage a week which in itself motivates you to do the next one. Giving No Count a go can really help to kickstart your weight loss if you’ve lost motivation but you do need to be careful not to overdo the carbs. Have a look at my weekly meal plans, if you haven’t already done so, to give you an idea of how much I eat each week. Wishing you all the best on your WW journey – good luck! Helen xxxxx

  5. Ha ha sounds like me …. lost 5lb n maintained for last 4 wks.
    You blog n menus are amazing. Thank you

    1. Hi and thank you Tina, I hope the website helps you on your WW journey. Hope you have a good week:-) Helen xxxx

  6. Hi I am a lady with mobility issues..I tried no count before at club…I liked the diet but after an initial 5lb loss the first week lost nothing after 8 weeks..the leader said I wasn’t eating enough so I increased on plan and regained 3lb?…nothing seems to work….how do you suggest I increase what I eat in the day ? As no count fits in with my lifestyle ….

    1. Hi Babs, I’m not an expert by any means but I would think you’d need to eat a bit less if you’re not losing weight. Try following one of my weekly menu plans for a week and see what happens. If you lose a pound or two great, just carry on like that but if you sts or put weight on, try to cut down on the carbs the following week. I hope this helps:-) Helen xxxxx

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