Hi everyone!

This last week has been an extra busy one and I’ve certainly felt hungrier than usual.  It’s strange isn’t it, how some weeks our bodies are happy with what they’re fed while at other times it seems like they want feeding all the time?  Since I’ve been following No Count, I’ve definitely been fuller for longer but this past week (maybe with the heat) has certainly been an exception.

The mornings have been fine – the overnight oats I have for breakfast certainly help me feel fuller for longer, and a skimmed milk latte and piece of fruit does the trick for a mid-morning snack.  But for the remainder of the day, a lot of willpower has been employed, with my mind telling my body that it can’t possibly need food because it’s just had lunch or dinner:-)

I always have a ‘spare’ apple at work for when I’m feeling hungry as I’ve read somewhere that if you feel hungry, an apple is the thing to eat and if you don’t feel like eating an apple then you aren’t really hungry.  The other tip I follow is drinking a glass of water, in one, and then waiting for 20 minutes.  Usually, the water has filled me up after the wait and I find I’m not feeling hungry anymore.

Evenings are another matter though, especially if all you can think about is food.  I try to make sure I have one of my desserts ready as I know I could crave something sweet if I don’t have one.  Keeping busy helps too – whether it’s going for a walk, doing a spot of gardening, cleaning, ironing, an exercise DVD etc… they all help to take your mind off food and earn a few fit points in the process!  Weight Watchers sweets are my go to if I really need an additional sweet something: I’ll have 2 or 3 and make each one last for 15 – 20 minutes.

I would love to hear of any tips you have for when you’re feeling hungry: it would be great if we could share them with everyone who uses the website.  I’ve loaded a new page where they can be posted: www.lovingnocount.com/tips-for-when-youre-feeling-hungry/

New recipes for next week include:

  • No Count Chicken in a Barbecue Sauce
  • Stuffed Salmon (1 point)
  • No Count Rhubarb and Custard Muffins

I hope you all have a successful week ahead and I hope some of the tips help if you’re feeling hungry between meals,

Helen xxx