In addition to the food items mentioned on the No Count list, there are also small amounts of other foodstuffs that you can have for no points.

Aldi Bramwells lighter than light mayonnaise – 21ml is free (65ml for 1sp)

Almonds (flaked) - 2g is free

Balsamic vinegar – 1 tsp is free (5 tsp is 1 sp)

Cadbury's Highlights - 3g is free (enough to make a skinny mocha)

Capers in brine - free

Chipotle paste – 29g is free

Harissa paste – 2 tsp is free

Heinz tomato ketchup 50% less sugar – 1 tbsp is free

Hellman's Lighter than Light Mayonnaise - 17g is free

Laughing Cow Extra Light Cheese Triangle - 1 is free (2 for 1sp) They are 16g each.

Marmite – 2 level tsp is free (7 level tsp is 1sp)

MyProtein Flavour Drops - free (available from the MyProtein website - lots of flavours)

Olives in brine – 4 are free (14 for 1sp)

PB2 (powdered peanut butter) 5g is free (17g for 1 sp)

Philadelphia lightest soft cheese – 16g is free (48g is 1sp)

Plain flour - 5g is free (so 20g could be used as a thickener when making meals for 4 people)

Protein cheese – 26g is free (79g for 1sp)

Rendang Curry Paste - 5g is free

Rice wine vinegar - free (up to 15 tbsp)

Soy sauce – 2 tsp is free (7 tsp for 1sp)

Sugar-free syrup (Starbucks/MyProtein) – free

Tesco Reduced Fat Green/Red Pesto - 7g is free (23g for 1sp)

Tomato puree – 15g is free (47g for 1sp)

Weight Watchers mini marshmallows - 2g is free

Weight Watchers mini meringues - 2g is free

White wine vinegar – 4 tbsp is free

Wholegrain mustard – 1 heaped teaspoon is free

Worcestershire sauce – 1 tsp is free (5 tsp for 1 sp)

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    1. Hi 🤗 yes, I’m really sorry but the website is closing. I’m not sure if the exact date but I’d be surprised if it were still here in April. I just don’t have the funds to keep it going. I’ve transferred the NC list and a lot of the recipes onto my Facebook page – Loving No Count 👍🏻💕 Helen xxxx

  1. Thank you . So sorry the site will close . I lost 4.4 in a year on no count . Regained a stone and joined WW 5 weeks ago and really hate the new programme and I’ve only lost 3,5 pounds in 5 weeks .. totally demotivated . So going back to no count and looking forward to the flexibility of it. Even got told by the “coach “ today that maybe I’m eating the wrong type of apple !!! Have you ever heard such utter rubbish and I’m
    Paying for that !!! Not for much longer 😀

    1. Hi, I’m really sorry to hear that the new WW programme hasn’t worked for you. 💕 Please do print off the pages you’d like to keep before the website closes – I’m really sorry. Wishing you all the best in the future and hope NC works for you again 💕 Helen xxxxx

  2. Hi, Thanks for the list it will be really helpful.
    As you know the no count is no longer available at ww. I found that I lost my weight easier on this but am struggling to remember how it works regarding points and how many you are allowed etc.

    1. Hi Iris 🤗💕 You can have the same number of weeklies that you’d get with Freestyle and no dailies as you choose foods from the NC list. All the NC ‘rules’ are in the No Count Explained Page 👍🏻💕 I really hope it helps you to get back on track – good luck! 💜💕 Helen xxxxx

  3. I wasn’t sure whether to switch to a different slimming group but your site will definitely help me stay with a programme that works, thank you! Jx

    1. Hi Judith, I had the same thought:-) But like you say, why switch when you’re following a plan that works. Enjoy the rest of your week, Helen xxxxx

        1. Hi, when eating out on NC I tend to go for salmon or steak with a salad or veg and ask for any dressing on the side. Once maintaining, I classed Saturday as a treat day so I’d plan meals out then. I’d still be careful choosing but I would have what I really fancied. Hope this helps, Helen xxxxxx

  4. I found it . So pleased, this is going to be so helpful now NC is going from the app .Thank you for all the time and effort you into this ♥️

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