Hi everyone,

And what a week it’s been with Weight Watchers rolling out the changes to their weight loss programme!  It’s been great to see so many of you embracing WW Flex, on Connect and Instagram, and there have been some fantastic weight losses from those who’ve been trialling the programme.  I must say, if I wasn’t maintaining successfully on No Count I would have been tempted to give it a try myself!

I was a member of Weight Watchers when they changed the plan from Pro-Points to Smart Points.  I had only been doing Pro-points for a few weeks and my initial reaction was: “Oh no! I’ve only just got used to this, I don’t want to change now!” but I made the change and it didn’t take long to feel just as comfortable with Smart Points as I had with Pro-Points.  Hopefully, those of you who are more cautious about following the new WW Flex programme will feel just the same very shortly, and have some very successful weight losses like those who have been trialling the plan for a while.

Unfortunately, there are no changes to the No Count plan.  When I heard the rumours about chicken, eggs and pulses being free on WW Flex, I was hopeful that they might have added a few options into the NC plan – blitzed oats, smoked salmon and barley being my top three choices. 😊 But it was not to be.

The new WW Flex plan looks increasingly similar to No Count which should make the change from one to the other slightly easier to do.  With many of the No Count foods now free on both plans, there will be some element of portion control to exercise on the WW Flex programme which will help if anyone decides to give No Count a go.

This week, I have amended all the points on my recipes (apart from the vegan/vegetarian ones) for those of you who are tracking: they now take the new free foods into account, so I hope you’ll continue to enjoy some of the recipes on the website.

New recipes for next week include:

  • NC Slow-cooked Beef Tagine
  • Pineapple and Blueberry Cakes (1 point each)

I’d just like to say, to each and every one of you reading this, thank you so much for your support: I’ve loved creating and adapting recipes to share with you and my fellow no counters, and I know many of you look forward to my Weekly Blog each Saturday morning.  This will be my last blog for a while but I will continue to post recipes each week – until I run out of ideas:-)  I’ll still be following No Count and I’ll still be answering any messages I receive.

I hope you all have a very successful few weeks ahead and that those nearing goal weight reach it soon.  Stay focused, determined and stick with WW as it really does transform lives!

Helen xxx