Hi everyone,

I’ve been making a list of some of the items which are free on No Count (in small quantities) but haven’t been included in the official No Count list, and have just uploaded it to the website.  It really got me thinking about the ingredients I use when cooking nowadays compared to 18 months ago.

When I returned to WW, in October 2015, I began tracking and still managed to fit my usual cook-in-sauces into daily and weekly points.  I made the odd spaghetti bolognese or lasagne from scratch but meals consisted of whatever I could make in the shortest amount of time.  I was busy with work and the last thing I wanted to do was spend any precious spare time cooking.

How times have changed! Swapping to No Count meant I would have to make my own sauces and I gradually began to enjoy experimenting with different ingredients and flavours – and trying to make the most of my 28 weeklies on ingredients that are not included on the NC list.

Every previous ‘healthy eating plan’ I’ve tried has consisted of the same few meals rotated on a weekly basis.  This time, trying out lots of new recipes has brought so much more variety to meal times that I’m sure this has helped me to stick with No Count and not go back to the way I used to eat.

Joining WW has given me a new focus in life and I now enjoy any time that can be spent in the kitchen – either trying out new recipes or cooking favourite ones.  It’s definitely been so much more than a ‘diet’!

Next week’s new recipes will include:

  • No Count Nasi Goreng
  • No Count Lemon and Raspberry Cakes

I hope you all have a very successful week ahead.  Enjoy trying out a new recipe and don’t worry if it doesn’t turn out perfectly the first time you make it.  I quite often have to cook/bake something two or three times before I’m happy with it – and I’ve had plenty of ‘disasters’ trying new things out:-)

Thank you for some lovely messages this week: I’m overwhelmed at times by the incredible support from fellow WW and friends.  Thank you!

Helen xxx

The new page can be found at: www.lovingnocount.com/additions-to-the-no-count-list/