Hi everyone,

As you all know, I love No Count and it’s now a way of life for me, but there’s one thing about it that I’m not keen on: and that’s the way in which it is marketed by WW.

I know there are lots of WW members out there who will not consider trying No Count because they are worried about controlling their portion sizes or are concerned about the temptation to eat as much as they like off the No Count list.

The only WW guidance on portion sizes and the amount you should be eating states: “Eat portions that feel right for you. Not so much that you feel stuffed and not too little that you still feel hungry.”

I don’t know about you, but in the past I have quite happily eaten 13 mince pies, one after the other – it certainly satisfied my hunger and didn’t leave me feeling stuffed.  I know mince pies are not on the No Count list but this is what could happen with crumpets, for example.

In the past year, the No Count experience has changed so much.  As myself and other seasoned No Counters out there have experimented with the NC ingredients, we now have a fantastic range of meals and desserts which make NC so much more appealing than it once was.

I really wish there was more guidance over portion sizes and snacks in order to allow NC to appeal to the majority rather than the minority.

This is how I approached No Count in order to reach my goal weight, and hope the guidelines might encourage a few more of you to try it:

  • Have three meals per day and one dessert.
  • Weigh pasta (70g), rice (50g) and oats (40g) – uncooked weights.
  • A maximum of 2 slices bread/crumpets per day.
  • Eat fruit/low fat natural yogurt between meals if still hungry.
  • Home-made popcorn is great for the occasional snack too.

If I had a week where I didn’t lose any weight, I would only have bread products on three days a week and I would include some carb-free meals during the following week too (eg: soup/salad).  I hope this helps and encourages a few more of you to try it:-)

Next week’s new recipes will include:

  • No Count Pea, Lentil and Tomato Soup
  • No Count Meatballs in Tomato Sauce (thanks to @armyannie)
  • Chocolate Orange Sponge Pudding (just 1 point on No Count)

Wishing you all a very successful week ahead and good luck with all WIs! It’s worth having a No Count day/week just to try the chocolate pudding:-)

Helen xxx