Hi everyone,

There’s a real autumn feel in the air now, and I’m beginning to sort out some winter clothes and put the summer clothes away.

It’s been an excuse for a few shopping trips as some of the clothes I wore last winter don’t fit any more.  One of the bonuses I’ve found about losing weight is that I’m choosing a completely different style of clothes now: I prefer to wear fitted trousers, shirts, tops and dresses rather than baggy tunics and jumpers. I’m not trying to hide my figure anymore which is what I’ve spent too many years doing.

Having said that, I’m stocking up on thermals too – ready for those cold beach walks when I’ll be wearing at least four layers:-) Losing fat from your body certainly makes you feel the cold more!

I’m sure some of you, just like me, have a couple of favourite items of clothing that you just don’t want to grow out of, and are determined to hang on to.  I’ve got an old pair of tracksuit bottoms that I love lounging about in – they’re really baggy now and will just about stay up when I wear them but they are going nowhere!

Thank you everyone for your feedback on the recipes this week, it’s great to hear that so many of the meals are being enjoyed by the whole family.  I’m glad the No Count Rice Pudding was a family favourite too – it’s on my menu again this week!  It was also great to hear that last week’s Blog has inspired more of you to try No Count, so I’d like to wish you the best of luck and I really hope you enjoy your venture into the world of No Count.

Next week’s new recipes include:

  • No Count Orange and Mustard Pork
  • No Count ‘Tater Tots’
  • No Count Banana Sponge Pudding

I’m really loving these sponge puddings as they’re so quick and easy to make.  They’re ideal for those days when you haven’t planned a pudding but suddenly feel like one.

I’d like to say a massive thank you to those of you who regularly promote the website on Connect, I really do appreciate your support.  It’s helped so many people who are beginning their No Count journey or are thinking of giving it a go.

I hope you all have a successful week ahead and good luck to those of you nearing goal weight now.  Good luck with all WIs and enjoy a bit of retail therapy as you lose those inches! 😊

Helen xxx