One of my favourite lunches – it’s hard to believe it’s free on No Count.

Two eggs fried in Frylight with four bacon medallions.  Sandwiched between two brown sandwich thins and a tbsp of tomato ketchup.

A very tasty and filling lunch!

4 thoughts on “No Count Bacon and Egg Thins”

  1. This does seem a huge amount. Is it for weight loss or maintenance? Will miss you very helpful recipes,as I can’t get on with flex so am back to no count.,I lost over 3stone with it,but have regained 2 stone with flex.thankyou again .

    1. Hi Kathy 🤗 I ate this for lunch while losing weight. You’ve just got to get the balance right so I wouldn’t have this every week but it’s great for a treat 😋👍🏻💕 Really hope you can continue with NC if that’s what suits you – make sure you print your favourite recipes off 💜💕 Helen xxxxx

    1. Hi Donna, this is my go to lunch when I’m really hungry and, yes, it’s definitely hard to believe they’re no count! Glad you enjoyed them:-) Helen xxx

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