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Are blitzed oats free on No Count?

The advice from WW is that blitzed oats are no longer free on No Count.  I have contacted Head Office on three separate occasions in order to find out why but have had no response.

Blitzing oats does not change their nutritional value so I really don't know why it's OK to make a dessert using 40g oats but it's not OK to blitz those same 40g oats to make a different dessert.

No Count is the only healthy eating plan that has worked for me in nearly four decades of dieting - it worked while blitzing oats so I will continue to do so.  It's your choice as to whether you do the same or whether you will begin to point them.

Fruit is free on No Count but is it also free if you make a smoothie?

Fruit does need to be counted if you make a smoothie.  As far as I understand it, our bodies use more energy while eating and digesting a whole banana (for example) than when we drink it in a smoothie.

Are blended vegetables free on No Count?

Vegetables are free if blended for a soup or casserole but not if blended for a smoothie.  Imagine the time taken to drink a smoothie and compare that to the amount of time our bodies would need to work if eating a bowl of soup.  That's the reasoning behind it.

Which types of bread are free on No Count?

WW white wraps, WW high protein seeded wraps with added British quinoa, BFree multigrain wraps, WW sliced brown Danish bread, Warburton's and Hovis wholemeal medium sliced bread, Warburton's brown sandwich thins, protein thins and tasty rye sandwich thins, supermarket own-brand brown sandwich thins, Warburton's wholemeal protein bread and Schar gluten free white ciabatta rolls.  The majority of crumpets available are also free.

Can I eat as much wholemeal pasta, potatoes and brown rice as I want to?

If you pile your plate with large amounts of these every day, it will slow your weight loss down.  I still weigh these and while I do have more than I would if tracking, I am careful not to overeat.  I usually have 70g of pasta, 50g brown rice or one medium-sized potato.