This is a great lunch to have if you’re feeling peckish and fancy a bigger meal.

I make the vegetable ‘burger buns’ when I have potatoes and veg left over from a meal.  Just mash the cooked potatoes and cooked veg together, add a splash of skimmed milk and a tbsp 0% fat Yeo Valley creme fraiche.  Mix and season.  Mould this mixture into burger shapes and put on a baking tray before cooking on 180C for about 20 mins.  These can be kept in a fridge overnight and used the next day – heated up in a microwave.

Make the ‘Stacker’ by adding bacon medallions, mushrooms and eggs fried in Frylight.  It can be served with a tbsp of Heinz ketchup (50% less sugar) for no points.  Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “No Count Stacker”

  1. Oh my word that looks amazeballs hun will definitely be trying that il have that Wednesday for my lunch /dinner as Wednesday is clubbercise night xxxxx

    1. Enjoy trying to ‘stack’ it Tina; I always have an audience at work when I’m putting it together! It is soooo tasty! xxx

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