This is a very filling lunch – I managed to eat about three-quarters of it!

Toast the crumpets and use one Laughing Cow lighter cheese triangle to spread on them both.

Cook the mushrooms using Frylight.  I then used the same pan to quickly cook the spinach.

I used a poaching pan for the eggs,  as I’m hopeless at poaching eggs without one!


4 thoughts on “Spinach, Poached Eggs and Mushrooms with Crumpets”

    1. Hi Jess, I’m afraid they’re not – I think there’s more sugar content in them than crumpets. They are 1sp each, Helen xxxx

    1. Hi Tina, Aldi ones are free as well as all major supermarket brands and Kingsmill and Warburtons. It’s just the luxury brands or ‘finest’ ones that aren’t free. Helen xxx

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