Marie’s Saturday Brunch

This recipe works out at 3 points – only the vegan/vegetarian sausages need pointing.


  • 2 Linda McCartney red onion and rosemary sausages
  • mushrooms (I use portobello or chestnut, chopped)
  • a small can of plum tomatoes
  • a small can of baked beans (I use low sugar/salt)
  • 2 WW white wraps
  • Frylight (or oil from you allowance)


  1. Grill the sausages until crispy and brown. Meanwhile, fry the mushrooms and warm the beans and tomatoes.
  2. Warm your wraps – I do about 20 seconds in the microwave.  Lay them out and top with the other ingredients. I cut the sausage into 4-5 slices.
  3. Wrap and eat.

This is very filling and one wrap might be enough for some.  You can add ketchup, brown sauce or wholegrain mustard. I put a dollop of home-made hummus, just adjust the points. If I have no fresh mushrooms, I use tinned. If no wraps, I may have it with potato cakes.

2 thoughts on “Marie’s Saturday Brunch”

  1. Thanks Helen, looks yummy though I say so myself!! One of our holiday breakfasts last week in Cornwall 😘

    1. It does look yummy Marie – thanks to you! I’m going to try it when I’m off over half-term:-) Helen xxx

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