The following items can always be found in my kitchen (the majority are free on No Count):

In the cupboard:  baked beans, bay leaves, Bird's low fat instant custard (60g for 1sp), Bisto original gravy powder (1 tsp for 1sp), brown rice,  chipotle paste, cinnamon, Frylight (olive oil), gherkins, green split peas, harissa paste, herbs, Heinz 50% less sugar and salt ketchup (1tbsp is free), mixed spice, Myprotein sugar-free butterscotch/maple sauce, oats (whole oats and a supermarket brand), Ready Brek, popping corn, Sukrin gold, cacao powder (13g for 1sp) stock cubes ( chicken, beef and veg), Sweet Freedom choc shot (2 tsp for 1sp), sugar-free jelly, tinned sweetcorn, tinned tomatoes, tinned tuna in brine, tomato puree, split red lentils, WW wraps, wholegrain mustard, wholegrain pasta and a selection of herbs and spices.

In the fridge: Aldi lighter than light mayonnaise (1 tbsp is free), bacon medallions, eggs, Flora light (10g is 1sp), garlic, ham, Laughing Cow extra light cheese triangles (1 is free), low fat natural yogurt, 0% Yeo Valley creme fraiche, Philadelphia lightest soft cheese (16g is free), Skyr natural yogurt, sparkling water, skimmed milk, Total 0% Greek yogurt and unsweetened almond milk.

In the freezer:  5% fat beef mince, beef steaks, brown sandwich thins, chicken breasts, cod, crumpets, frozen raspberries and cherries, peas, prawns, salmon, Warburton's or Hovis wholemeal medium sliced loaf.

I always have plenty of salad, fruit and vegetables to hand too.

Low point snacks: Aldi pea snacks (salt and vinegar/sweet chilli) 2sp, Aldi lentil curls (3sp) M and S Guilt-free Snacking sweet and salty popcorn, M and S Guilt-free Snacking cool tortilla chips, small boxes of WW sweets (2 or 3sp each).