Hi everyone!

One of the hardest things about losing weight or trying to maintain a weight loss is eating out.  When I first switched to No Count, I avoided eating out completely as I didn’t want to be tempted by all the foods on the menu that were high in calories.

I then started to visit Costa after a beach walk and chose a skinny latte and crumpets – I took a small jar of No Count raspberry jam in my pocket to put on the crumpets. 😊

My next step was going out for lunch.  I’d choose somewhere that served salads and decide which one I was going to have beforehand.  I would pack a WW wrap in my handbag (wrapped in tin foil) – just in case the salad wasn’t filling enough.

However, I have realised that I don’t want to spend the rest of my life avoiding everything that has a large amount of calories and this has been a big learning curve.  I am thoroughly enjoying No Count and it will always be a way of life for me now, but there are occasions when I want to make a different choice from the menu or enjoy a takeaway, and it’s learning how to do that without feeling guilty which has taken a long time.

So nowadays, when I eat out, I will sometimes make a careful, considered choice that is more No Count-friendly while at other times I will choose something that isn’t. I know that I can’t go back to the way I used to eat or the weight will pile on again but successful maintaining is about getting that balance right.  It’s tough but it’s possible!

New recipes for next week include:

  • Sweet and Spicy Chicken
  • Baked Lemon Cheesecake

It has been brought to my attention this week, by a very kind lady called Sarah, that I have misread the instructions on the Bird’s low fat custard packet and a fifth of a sachet is not free on No Count.  I am so sorry to have mislead everyone over this.  It has not hindered my weight loss but I wouldn’t like it to potentially hinder anyone else’s.  Therefore, I have amended the recipes it is possible to amend but I have had to delete others for the time-being.  (If you make up a sachet of the custard powder with a pint of skimmed milk, you can have 60g for 1 point on No Count.)

Thank you to everyone who has been in touch this week, I’ve really enjoyed hearing how you are getting on with No Count and the success you are having.  Some recipes are being enjoyed by the whole family which is also fantastic!

I hope you all have a fabulous week ahead, whether losing weight or maintaining – you can do this!

Helen xxx