Hi everyone,

I never thought I’d become so excited about a new kitchen appliance, but I’ve finally got around to buying an Airfryer and I feel like a child with a new toy!

Last week’s ‘Tater Tot’ recipe definitely worked better in the Airfryer as I had previously tried them in the oven and wasn’t as impressed with the way they turned out.  At last, home-made chips taste like chips are supposed to taste and it cooks roast potatoes in half the time.  I’ve yet to experiment with puddings, but that’s the next step.

When I made the change to No Count, I soon realised that it would involve much more cooking than I’d ever done previously and many items in my kitchen are now being put to their full use instead of lying at the back of a cupboard or drawer, unused.

I’ve had a food processor for years which I never used and never realised exactly what it could do or how useful it could be with food prepping.  It came out of the cupboard though, late last year, when I decided to use it to blitz oats in order to create some No Count desserts and thought, ‘Where have you been all my life?’😊

One of the most useful appliances I’ve invested in is a slow cooker which I purchased last winter and have continued to use throughout the year.  It is absolutely fantastic if you are working or out for the day.  It’s even coming on holiday with us to Devon in a few weeks’ time!  You might already have seen this, but there is now a website section devoted to slow cooker recipes so that they’re easier to find.

New recipes next week will include:

  • No Count Honey Mustard Chicken Tater Tot Nachos
  • No Count Jam Tarts

Thank you so much for all the comments on the website this week, it’s great to know that the recipes are being enjoyed – and it sometimes reminds me that I haven’t tried a certain recipe for a while so I put it on my planner.

My heartfelt thanks to everyone who is promoting the website on Connect and through their WW meetings.  It really does feel great to have the support of so many of you fellow Weight Watchers.

I hope you all have a very successful week ahead, good luck if you’ve decided to give No Count a go and good luck with all WIs.  I’m already looking forward to meeting some of you at our next Connect Meet and Eat!

Helen xxx