Hi everyone,

A weight-loss journey is about so much more than what the scales say.  Yes, losing those pounds is important but there are lots of other NSVs (non-scale victories) to look forward to along the way.

One of the best NSVs is finding out you are a smaller dress size, or fitting into an item of clothing that you haven’t been able to wear for ages.  How great is that feeling when you go shopping and try a size only to find it doesn’t fit…and you need the next size down.  You’re walking on cloud 9 as you take that hanger with a smaller size written on it over to the till.

I used to dislike seeing my body in a mirror and spent years without having a full-length mirror in the house.  I can remember going on holiday to Center Parcs and seeing myself in a mirror for the first time in ages and just wondering how I’d let myself get like that.  So another great NSV for me was when I could look in a mirror and actually like what I saw there.

Feeling confident enough to wear shorts or a swimsuit in public is an NSV lots of us look forward to.  I’m heading back to Center Parcs during the Christmas holidays and it will be the first time I’ll have felt comfortable in a swimsuit, and won’t constantly be worrying about what other people are thinking about the way I look.

Other great NSVs to celebrate along the way include being able to: wrap the towel the whole way round your body without leaving a gap, fit your legs into a pair of knee-high boots, sit in the bath without your hips touching the side, wear a watch or ring that hasn’t fit for years, have the energy to run around with your children or grandchildren, try an activity that you’ve never had the confidence to do and say “No, thank you,” when you are offered something to eat that you don’t really want.

So if you have a week where you’ve not lost as many pounds as you’d like or  you’ve stayed the same, look for those NSVs to keep the positive vibes going:-)

New recipes for next week include:

  • No Count Frozen Cheesecake
  • No Count Paprika Pork

The Weight Watchers team are always on the look-out for new weight-loss stories so, if you’d like to share yours, please send them  a before and after picture together with your story at: www.weightwatchersstories.co.uk (It might be best to type your story into a Word document and save it first: a couple of people have typed their stories straight into the webpage and then it has said there is an error and the story has been lost.)

I hope you all have a very successful week ahead, good luck with all those weigh-ins and enjoy celebrating those NSVs along the way too!

Helen xxx