Hi everyone!

It’s been good to feel the warmth of the sun over the last few days but my winter hat and thermals have still been worn occasionally when dog walking over the past couple of weeks, and that’s definitely a first in summer!  It’s also the first time I’ve actually been looking forward to wearing a pair of shorts because, for once, I’m happy with the shape of my body – wrinkles, cellulite and all!

I can remember feeling over the moon when I reached goal and then looking in the mirror at my ‘at goal body’ and thinking, is this it? I was at goal weight, I thought I should look amazing but I still didn’t like what I could see.  (I think I was expecting to see a bikini body like Urusla Andress as she walks out of the sea in James Bond 😊.)   Those of you who read my blog on 3rd June, will know why I then lost another 9lbs (it wasn’t because I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror) but even then, at 9st 3lbs, I still wasn’t happy with how my body looked.

It’s taken the past nine months of maintaining, and lots of reflecting, to actually realise I’m very lucky to have a body like this.  At the beginning of the year, I dug out some old photos of a day out when I weighed a couple of stones heavier.  I remember being so unhappy about my weight on that day, and thinking I looked awful.  However, looking back at those pictures now, I don’t think I looked too bad at all.  That got me thinking.  If I thought I looked alright in those photos, then surely I must look even better at nearly two stones lighter?

That has been the constant ‘mind battle’ this year until I can now stand in front of a mirror and like what I see.  I’ve spent too many years yo-yo dieting, and failing to maintain, to ruin it all now by still not being happy with the way I look.  We all naturally come in different shapes and sizes so if you’ve worked hard to change the size of your body, be proud of that new body and enjoy it😊.

New recipes coming to the website, over the next week, will include:

  • No Count Pancake Stacker
  • No Count ‘Honey’ and Mustard Steak
  • Chicken Parcels (1 point each)

It’s been great to hear of lots of successful weight losses this week with those of you following the No Count plan and it’s always great to hear about the recipes you have enjoyed on the website.  A massive thank you to those of you who have been sharing and recommending the site on Connect and Facebook, I really do appreciate it.

I wish you all a very happy and successful week ahead!

Helen xxx