Saturday 3rd June 2017

Hi everyone!

I’m celebrating nine months of successful maintaining today – the longest I’ve ever managed to maintain, and it’s all thanks to No Count and the remarkable support I’ve received on WW Connect!

Over the years, I’ve reached goal on a number of occasions but never managed to stay there for long.  Looking back, I can remember stepping on the scales and seeing that goal weight before running round the room, shouting out that I’d finally done it, and then spending that day eating all the foods I’d not allowed myself on my weight loss journey. I’d promise myself that it would be just one day of treats but it never stopped there.  Each day I’d continue with healthy meal options but the sugary snacks would start increasing until about four weeks later I’d be on those scales with a half stone gain!

This would be followed by ‘the mind battle’: “Right, let’s stop eating those snacks and get back to goal!” part of me thought while “Oh, just one more and then I’ll start!” thought the other.  Constantly!

‘The mind battle’ would continue before indulging in any sweet treats: Do I really want to eat this? Yes!  But I’m not really hungry! Just think about how great it will taste. I’ll enjoy eating it for all of five minutes, is it worth it? Everyone else is having one, so I will!

So, what made the difference this time?  I gave myself a good talking to and decided that I’d give it one last shot.  As I’ve mentioned before, I realised that I’d need to find a way of eating that I was happy with and could continue forever.  I found that when I decided to give No Count a go.  I can still remember last August, making the decision to try No Count and really not looking forward to it as I thought it would be too restrictive, but I stuck with it for a couple of weeks and found it worked.

My fascination with No Count really took off when I realised that the ingredients allowed could be made into some really delicious meals and desserts.  This was beginning to look like a way of eating I could be happy with in the long-term, and it meant I could be the size I was happy with forever.

I can still remember the day I reached goal: the people on Connect were wonderful and I felt like I was walking on air.  This time though, I didn’t celebrate with food!  In fact, I was so incredibly happy that I was worried about letting it all go again and stuck rigidly to the No Count plan, not even allowing myself the 6 extra daily points you can have once maintaining.  I remember thinking that if I ate any more than I was doing, I’d put all the weight back on.

Well, two months later, and another 9lbs lost, I realised that I’d have to eat more than I was doing or I’d continue to lose weight.  This was the hard part!  I decided that I didn’t want to eat a bit more each day, so I opted for one day a week (Saturday) when I would have some chocolate.  This stabalised the weight loss.  I now follow the No Count plan every day, but Saturday is my ‘treat’ day when I will have some chocolate, wine or a meal out without counting my weekly points.

There are still times during the week when I can be very tempted – but if that mind battle takes place, the one saying: “You don’t really need to eat that!” wins.  It also helps to know that one of my delicious No Count desserts is waiting for me at home!

I’m sure there are many WW out there who have had exactly the same experiences, I’m just here to show you that it can be done: it’s not always easy but it really is worth it.

Trying out a new recipe helps to keep that motivation going, and next week’s new recipes will include:

  • Chicken with Tomatoes and Olives
  • No Count Fritters (recipe kindly provided by Shona)
  • A quartet of ice-creams (initial recipe kindly provided by Shona)
  • Individual Rhubarb and Apple Crumbles

I have now started putting the points on recipes as there are many trackers out there who would like them.  I may not be 100% right all the time but I’ll do my best😊

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of the wonderful friends I have made on Connect, my Fitbit buddies and those newer friends I have made through this website and Weekly Blog.  Your support is so very much appreciated, and I wish you all as much success in your weight-loss and maintaining journeys.

A big thank you too for some very touching messages this week – it’s great to know that people are finding the website useful and that No Count is working for you.

Helen xxx

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