I’ve recently discovered the spices from SpiceNtice and want to spread the word about how fabulous they are whether following No Count or WW Flex.  I’ve made some delicious meals with them and hubby is in his element as he really loves spicy food.  The packs of spices serve four people and this amount would be free on No Count and WW Flex.

You can access the website by clicking this link:  www.spicentice.com   and get 20% off your order by putting in the code HH20.

As it’s National BBQ week from 28th May – 3rd June, you will also receive a free spice sachet with your order (from their new BBQ pack) for this week.

As turkey breast mince is now free on WW Flex, I decided to see if it would make a good burger using the ‘Gourmet Burger Rub’ from SpiceNtice and it was AMAZING!  Hubby declared it was one of the best burgers he’d ever had!  I paired it with the ‘Chips and Wedges’ spice for the best ‘fakeaway’ this year!


All the spices come with a recipe inside which is quick and easy to follow.  I added a bacon medallion, a squirt of Aldi lighter than light mayo and a squirt of Heinz ketchup (50% less sugar) so this ‘fakeaway’ was FREE on No Count.  (I also used a brown sandwich thin which I cut into circles using a pastry cutter.)

If following WW Flex, the burger would be free: you would just need to point and track any bread you served it with, as well as a bacon medallion if you included one.

I cooked the chips in an airfryer but they would work just as well in the oven.


There are so many spices to choose from and they’re ideal if you’re in a rush but want a tasty meal!  Click on the words (or pictures on the right) to access the recipes:

No Count Tandoori Salmon


No Count Katsu Curry


No Count Chinese Chicken Curry


No Count Meatball Marinara


Firecracker Chicken


Goan Prawn Curry

Chilli Con Carne with ‘Mayan’ spiced chocolate



16 thoughts on “SpiceNtice”

    1. Hi Lisa, yes I’ve made this one and I replaced the cream with low fat natural yogurt. Hope you enjoy it, Helen xxxx

        1. Hi Lisa, I put it in at the end. You have to be careful because it will curdle if too hot. The Chinese curry is one of my faves: in fact I have a lot of faves as they’re all so good:-) Enjoy! Helen xxxxx

  1. Thank you for this, I have a huge supply of the spicentice flavours and was wondering the points value. Very happy to read they’re free 🙌🏼💗

  2. Just had the Chinese chicken curry. Delicious. Can’t wait to try the other ones. Thank you for recommending x

    1. Hi Judith, glad you enjoyed the Chinese chicken curry – it’s one of my faves 😋😋💕 Hope you enjoy the others too – I’ve loved all those that I’ve tried. 👌🏻💕 Enjoy the rest of your weekend 🤗💕 Helen xxxxx

    1. Hi Danielle, yes – in the amounts you have per serving they are free. Each pack comes with a recipe and some of those ingredients may have to be pointed. I swap them where I can for No Count ones (eg: cream for natural yogurt). They still taste amazing though! Helen xxxx

  3. Hey lovely! Having to face the scales and get back to WW this week, decided to go back to NC as my short trial of flex didn’t feel as good as NC so pleased to see the site continues to be inspiring! Love the sound of this and shall try the spice site too! Happy new year xx

    1. Hi Sarah! Happy New Year! Welcome back to the site and No Count. Good luck with getting back on track and do check out the SpiceNtice site; they have some great recipe ideas too! Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Helen xxxxx

    1. Hi Edith! To make the turkey burger, I used 500g of turkey breast mince, 2 cloves of garlic, an onion blitzed in a food processor, an egg and the SpiceNtice Gourmet Burger Rub. It was the spices that made it so good:-) Helen xxxx

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