Sun-dried Tomato and Chicken Penne

Just 2 points per person on No Count!

Ingredients (serves 2):

  • 2 chicken breasts
  • an onion
  • 60g Philadelphia lightest (2 points)
  • 38g sun-dried tomatoes (2 points)
  • 140g wholemeal pasta
  • a tsp of mixed herbs


  1. Cut the chicken breasts into slices and cook in a wok or deep frying pan, using Frylight.
  2. Cook the penne in a separate pan.
  3. Take the chicken out of the wok and leave it in a dish on the side.
  4. Next, cut the onion into slices and cook in the wok.  Add the chicken and sun-dried tomatoes.
  5. Add 3 tbsps water and stir in the Philadelphia lightest and mixed herbs.
  6. Allow to simmer for three minutes before adding the cooked penne; stir and serve.

This can be served with broccoli.  Garlic can also be added to the dish.

4 thoughts on “Sun-dried Tomato and Chicken Penne”

  1. I’m going to stick with the Philly Lightest. No matter how hard I try, the Quark always ends up separating….. I’m obviously doing something wrong – lol.

  2. Looks really good. As quark is a staple in my fridge I’ll try it with that and maybe add a Laughing Cow blue triangle. Looking forward to trying it, thanks for the idea, keep up the amazing work! X Carol

    1. Thank you Carol, I bet this recipe tastes great with quark and the blue cheese triangle. I’ll give it a go next time I make this one too:-) Helen xxx

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