These ingredients are used in some of my recipes, and I’m often asked where to buy them so I’ve decided to include this page in the website.  Please let me know if you’d like anything else adding to the page – and please let me know if you’ve found the products anywhere else.  Thank you!

MyProtein Sugar-free Syrup (lots of flavours but I tend to use Butterscotch and Maple)

This is available online only – at, Amazon and Ebay.

Free on No Count in the quantities I have used in the recipes.


Protein Cheese

Available at: Tesco, Morrisons, Booths, Waitrose or you can Google to find online sellers.

26g is 0 points, from 27g to 79g is 1 point and from 80g to 132g is 2 points.  It does taste better when it is grated and used as part of a recipe.


PB2  (a powdered peanut butter substitute)


Available at various online stockists including Amazon and Ebay (Google for cheapest prices).  It can also be bought at Holland and Barrett and I THINK I’ve seen it in Asda and Sainsbury’s.

Up to 5g is free and you can have 17g for 1 point.

The powder is mixed with water to create ‘peanut butter’.  It can be used as a spread on crumpets, toast etc… and is also used as a baking ingredient (as in the peanut butter cookies).


Sweet Freedom Choc Shot

Available at: Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Waitrose, Asda, Ocado and Holland and Barrett – it can be found near the drinking chocolate.

Two teaspoons are 1 point and soooo worth it!


Butterbuds (a powdered butter substitute)

Available online only at Amazon, Lakeland and Ebay.

A sachet is free on No Count.  It can be sprinkled into mashed potato or used when baking.


Bird’s Instant Custard

Available at all major supermarkets.

Make up a sachet of custard powder with a pint of skimmed milk (return to the pan to thicken it up) and you can have 60g for 1 point.

41 thoughts on “Useful Ingredients – Where to Buy?”

    1. Hi, I don’t use egg replacer but my vegan friend, Marie, does. I’ll send her a message today and get back to you this evening:-) Helen xxxx

    2. Hi again Terri, Marie uses ‘Orgran’ or ‘Free & Easy’ – both are equally as good. She buys them from Ocado but most major supermarkets sell them in the ‘Free From’ section. Also in Holland and Barrett. Helen xxxx

  1. Hi Helen have gone on Asda on line and found PB fit peanut butter powder not the one above can this one still be used ?? Thanks Carol

    1. Thank you! Yes you can freeze it, but it’s better if you grate it first and put it into freezer bags in smaller portions. Helen xxx

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