Having yo-yo dieted since my late teens, and experimented with a lot of the diets out there, I started to find weight coming off at a much slower rate once I turned 40.  I’d manage to claw my way down to 10 stone 2lbs before celebrating this achievement and soon finding myself heading for 12 stone again!

Starting the menopause in my late forties made it even harder to lose weight, and I thought my days of weighing below 10 stone had passed.  However, turning 50 in March 2015 spurred me on to give it one last shot.  I dabbled with losing weight myself and managed to lose a stone before deciding to join Weight Watchers for a final time in October 2015.

As an online-only member, following the tracking programme, I managed to reach 10 stone 4lbs by March 2016.  I remained at that weight for four months as I wasn't really tracking properly, and felt that I needed a change – hence the swap to No Count at the beginning of August 2016.

I did this with some trepidation as I have a sweet tooth and was worried about giving up a lot of my sweet treats.  I envisaged months of just yogurt and fruit for dessert!  Also, like many of you, I wondered how I’d cope with portion control.

Well, it’s now 2018; 16 months after reaching my goal weight of 9 stone 12lbs and currently weighing 9 stone 4lbs – a weight I never dreamt I’d see or maintain again!  I’ve continued as an online member of Weight Watchers and enjoy posting on Connect (the Weight Watcher’s social media site) and Instagram (loving_no_count).  I’m where I am now thanks to loving No Count and receiving support from the fantastic group of ladies and gentlemen on Connect and Instagram.

So why don’t you give No Count a go and see what it could do for you?

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I am not a qualified nutritionist and have not received any training in this area but I do have a lot of recipes and information about No Count that I’d like to share with you.