Good morning everyone!

How life has changed in the past year, and one of the main differences is that I want to walk everywhere!  I’ve never been much of a walker and you’d even find me jumping in the car to drive the two-minute journey to the local shops.  I remember reading tips in magazines that encouraged you to make small changes to your lifestyle like taking the stairs instead of the lift/escalator, but I’d still take the lift!

However, that’s all changed now and I’m sure that my increased levels of activity are helping with maintaining.  I’m lucky enough to live a 30-minute walk away from our town centre and regularly enjoy a stroll there to shop and have coffee.  If you’d told me five years ago that I’d actually enjoy walking into town, instead of driving, I’d have laughed!

If we’re going to a restaurant, I try to choose one within walking distance.  Having walked there, you’re ready to enjoy a meal and once you’ve eaten that meal, a walk back certainly helps to make you feel better. (It also means that both hubby and I can enjoy a glass of wine as neither of us have to drive.)

I’ve also slotted a lunchtime walk into my routine at work.  A day at work, like many of you, is manic! I really didn’t think I’d have time to pop out for a 20 minute ‘quick march’ but it has been possible.  Rain or shine, off I go and it certainly energises you ready for the afternoon.

And yes, I now choose the stairs instead of the lift/escalator.  Just making a small change to your routine and increasing those activity levels, just a little bit at a time, could really help weight loss journeys and maintaining.

Next week’s new recipes are:

  • Bruschetta, Cheese Scones and Dips
  • Stir-fried Chicken with Mushrooms and Asparagus

I hope you all like the new look of the website.  I’ve been working on trying to make it easier to find and view all the recipes, so I hope this helps.

Thank you to everyone who has been in touch this week.  It can make following No Count or tracking so much easier when you can make meals that the whole family enjoys, so it’s always great to hear how hubby or the whole family have enjoyed one of these recipes.

I hope everyone has a very successful week ahead.  Good luck with all WIs and see if you can try to choose the stairs rather than the lift/escalator, if you are able to:-)

Helen xxx