Saturday 1st July 2017

Good morning everyone!

I’m posting my Weekly Blog early as I’m away from home for my son’s graduation this morning.  It’s definitely #proudmum day today!

It’s on days like this that I am so thankful for joining WW as I can just enjoy today, feeling confident in what I’m wearing rather than spending the day worrying about how I look.  Over the past decades, too many special events have been ruined because it hasn’t been easy trying to find something to wear and then my weight has constantly been on my mind when we all sit down to eat.

It won’t be possible to have a truly No Count weekend, but I will be mindful about what I choose to eat – and if I decide to have a dessert, there’s lots of walking involved today and a run on Sunday morning planned to burn off those extra calories.

For those of you still on your weight loss journeys, stick with it because Weight Watchers really does work!  And it’s not only about the weight loss – it can improve confidence and self-belief, encourage you to try new things and open up a whole new realm of possibilities.

Next week’s new recipes include:

  • No Count Harissa Pork Meatballs
  • Cheesy Chicken with Roasted Veg (1 point)
  • Mixed Fruit Tart (2 points)

As an online-only WW member, I wouldn’t have succeeded on my WW journey without the friends I have made through WW Connect.  I’m thinking of you all this morning and would like to thank you all for helping me feel wonderful on this very special day!

Helen xxx