Hi everyone,

I’m back from my travels now after having had the most amazing week in Devon.  We’ve enjoyed lots of long beach walks to help earn those Fitpoints, eaten some amazing No Count meals and I’ve really enjoyed having plenty of time to cook and try out some new recipes.

On another note, as I’ve received quite a few messages about the use of blitzed oats recently, I want to use this week’s blog to highlight the fact that WW now say that blitzed oats are not free on No Count.  I have contacted Head Office on three separate occasions in order to clarify the reason behind this but I have not received a reply to-date.

I don’t quite understand why WW have come to this decision as it is perfectly alright to use Ready Brek (which is almost a powdered form of oats).  You can also use, for example, 40g of porridge oats to make a dessert but if you blitz that same 40g of oats to make a different dessert, you have to count them.  Why?

As I have mentioned before, following the No Count plan has been the only way of eating that has helped me reach the weight I am happy with (and never dreamed I’d see again) after over 30 years of yo-yo dieting.  I’ve now maintained that weight for over a year – something that I’ve never managed to do before.  And I’ve done it by using blitzed oats in some of my recipes!

When following the No Count plan, you do have to take care not to eat too many carbs, and I’m always advocating some carb-free meals during the week when you’re doing your menu planning.  But it’s that ability to enjoy a dessert each day (if you feel like it) that has helped to make No Count doable and enjoyable in the long term.

Many of the ‘rules’ regarding No Count are passed on by word of mouth and not always brought to people’s attention on the ‘No Count List’ of food so mistakes like this can easily be made. Therefore, all No Counters out there, you will have to decide whether to count your blitzed oats or not.  I am really sorry if any of you feel you have been misled by my recipes including blitzed oats: I have now added information about this on the FAQ page and will add a note onto recipes using blitzed oats to make everyone aware of this information.

Next week’s new recipes include:

  • The second NC soup of the season
  • Black Forest Fruits Gateau (1 point per slice)

During the past week, I’ve also learnt how to create videos and incorporate music and voiceovers.  I have added a new lunch idea ( www.lovingnocount.com/no-count-baked-mushrooms ) and you will find an accompanying video which shows you (briefly) how to make it.

I hope you all have a very successful week ahead, whether you’re still going for goal or trying to maintain your weight loss.  Plan, track and stay positive and you will get there!  It’s not always easy, but it is definitely worth it!

Helen xxx