Saturday 13th May 2017

Hi everyone!  It’s been a busy week this week but it’s been great to enjoy some time outdoors in the sun.  I’ve been planting some new shrubs in the garden and clearing all the winter debris away so that I can sit out and admire the view, with a lovely glass of chilled wine on a warm evening (hopefully!).

This week, I’ve also bagged up a lot of old clothes that are too big for me now, and taken them down to one of the local charity shops.  I’ve had a full range of sizes in my wardrobe for years – just in case I put the weight back on – but this time I feel more confident about maintaining, so the bigger clothes are going!  They will find a new home elsewhere and make the charity some money in the process.

One of the best things about losing weight is the thrill of actually fitting into a new size of clothes.  Of asking the shop assistant for the size that you’d never dreamed of fitting into. And, of actually looking in the changing room mirror and thinking … not bad at all!  This really spurred me on to reach that goal and it’s helping me to stay there.

I couldn’t resist making the banoffee pies again this week, they’re great to have at work when the staff room table is full of cakes.  I try out most of the recipes for the website at least two weeks in advance, so a lot of them are more suited to cooler weather.  I do have my summer hat on now, so the more ‘summery’ recipes will be with you shortly.

Watch out next week for two really quick and easy recipes and, in my opinion, the best cake on No Count yet:

  • No Count Harissa Chicken
  • No Count Pork in a Mustard and Mushroom Sauce
  • Orange Spice Cake (2 points per slice)

There will also be a vegan/vegetarian brunch, kindly provided by Marie (@marieburt).

Thank you for your lovely comments again this week – it is great to hear that you and your families have enjoyed the recipes, and it’s also good to hear how you’re getting on with No Count or your WW journey.  Please keep the comments coming and spread the word about the website wherever you can.  I hope you all have a fantastic week ahead.

Helen xxx