Hi everyone!

It’s another #proudmum day today as my son turned 21 yesterday and we’re hosting a family party for him this evening.

I enjoy catering at home now as I can make sure that a lot of the food is No Count or low in points – crustless quiches, a joint of gammon, whole chickens, garlic roasted new potatoes, lots of salads, brown rice with peppers, onion and mushrooms, barbecued Heck sausages, corn on the cob and wholemeal pasta with Yeo Valley 0% crème fraiche and harissa paste.

I will also be indulging in some birthday cake though and a friend of mine has made one with cows on, specially for Ben – I’ll be posting a pic of it on Connect and Instagram later. 😊

Even when maintaining, it can be hard to let yourself enjoy foods that are high in calories as it almost feels like you shouldn’t be eating them.  On special occasions like this, having a piece of birthday cake is not going to stop successful maintaining but that’s something I’ve had to adjust to and realise that it’s not going to ruin my day or mean that I’m going to put all the weight back on.

I also find it helps by being a bit more active on days like this – it burns off some of the extra calories and can help allay any guilty feelings you may have.  That’s what maintaining is all about – finding the balance where you can enjoy life but also enjoy that new-found body you have.

Next week’s new recipes include:

  • Crumble-topped Banana Muffins (1 point each on No Count)
  • Sweet and Savoury Sausages
  • No Count Spicy Pasta Bolognese

Thank you so much for the comments about last week’s recipes, it’s good to hear that they are being enjoyed, and thank you to everyone who’s been in touch to let me know how you’re getting on.  We CAN do this together!

Wishing you all a great week ahead – and good luck on your WI days!

Helen xxx